Enhance announces Defold support


Defold, the popular free game engine for independent developers and teams, is now supported with the power of Enhance.

Designed for fast, efficient and collaborative game creation featuring minimal setup and easy deployment, Defold is a natural fit for Enhance’s approach to solving technical issues, streamlining the game development process and letting developers focus on just making games.

Enhance gives Defold users access to a full library of SDKs, eliminating the need to wait for the native extensions to be built for each service that you want to use.

Using our simple Defold extension, you can implement any SDK that we support by just checking a box. Just insert the very simple extension into your project and any current and future SDKs or updates can be implemented in a few clicks.

We currently have support for advertising, analytics, mediation, attribution, and other SDK types – Find a full list here: https://enhance.fgl.com/documentation/supported-services

Download the Defold extension at: http://sites.mpstatic.com/enhance/drag-and-drop-library/enhance-defold.zip

Once you have the extension in your game, follow the instructions at enhance.fgl.com to select the SDKs that you’d like to implement.

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June Enhance Updates

FGL is pleased to announce that Enhance™ has been updated to support the following SDKs:

MoPub – MoPub powers the leading monetization platform for mobile apps & provides access to high quality mobile audiences at maximum scale for DSPs


MoPub is now available for Enhance™ users on Android


Pokkt – POKKT is a mobile advertising & monetization platform offering key revenue insights and high fill rates

pokktImplementing the Pokkt SDK has never been easier, now via Enhance™ on Android


TheoremReach – Engage your users in ways you never thought possible with TheoremReach and the power of serving on-demand surveys to your audience




TheoremReach is available to iOS and Android users with Enhance

Additional Enhance™ support has also been added for the following SDKs:

  • Tapdaq SDK updated to v5.2.1 for Android users
  • Heyzap SDK updated to v9.11.3
  • Mixpanel SDK updated to v3.1.6 on iOS
  • Flurry SDK updated to v8.1.0
  • AppsFlyer SDK updated to v4.7.11 for iOS users
  • InMobi SDK on Android updated to v6.2.2
  • InLocoMedia SDK updated to v3.0.5
  • AdscendMedia SDK updated to v2.2.2 on iOS
  • Aerserv SDK updated to v2.39.5
  • Vungle SDK for Android updated v4.1.0
  • TapResearch SDK updated to v1.3.2
  • Facebook SDK, AudienceNetwork SDK updated to v4.23.0 (Android and iOS)
  • AppNext SDK updated to v2.0.2.459
  • AppLovin SDK updated to v7.2.0
  • MixPanel SDK updated to v5.1.1 on Android
  • OfferToro SDK updated to v3.0.9
  • StartApp SDK updated to v3.6.2
  • TapJoy SDK updated to v11.102
  • Yandex analytics SDK updated to v2.8.0
  • GameAnalytics SDK for Android updated to v3.5.0
  • IronSource SDK updated to v6.6.1
  • Vidcoin SDK updated to v1.3.3
  • OpenBack SDK updated to v2.0.7

Try out these SDKs and more for free with little-to-no coding required at enhance.fgl.com

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