FGL’s $50 App Promotion Is LIVE!


FGL’s revolutionary, patent pending Enhance™ process injects SDK code directly into compiled iOS and Android apps with just a few clicks. You can now integrate your favorite 3rd-party mobile services without having to touch an SDK ever again.

We think you’ll love Enhance as much as we do, so we’re paying you to try it out. All you have to do is Enhance™ your Android or iOS app with any mobile service you want, then publish your app to Google Play or the App Store as you normally would, and we’ll send you $50. That’s it!

  1. Sign up or login to Enhance HERE
  2. Enhance one of your apps by integrating at least one mobile service (it takes just a couple of minutes)
  3. During the Enhance process, be sure to check the ‘opt-in’ box for the promotion
  4. Our QA team will test the app to make sure it meets our quality standards
  5. Once approved, upload your app to Google Play or the App Store
  6. After 30 days, we send you $50 for simply using Enhance!


To be eligible for the promotion, your app must first pass a basic quality check. The app must be completed, working, polished, and contain all the typical components of a successful app.

For more information on the promotion, visit this page or drop us a line at info@fgl.com


12 thoughts on “FGL’s $50 App Promotion Is LIVE!

  1. Enhance is great, but my big problem is nobody can see my games in stores and I don’t have money to do any advertising.
    Anyway, I’m coming.

    1. Yeah, UA can be tough if you go in cold. It can help to promote your game via Twitter and Facebook to help reach an initial install base of users. Then you’ll get some nice baseline data that will help you know how to promote your game from there.

    1. Currently, we’re allowing devs to upload as many apps as they would like for the promotion! This decision may change soon, so get your apps in for approval asap lol

    1. This will be a limited time offer, but there is currently no deadline for the promotion. It’ll definitely run at least through the end of November, however

  2. This looks like a great platform to use, however, there are not enough detailed instructions on how to export / manage the certificates and ipas for using it with an iOS app. I uploaded it on enhance and everything seemed to go fine, but received many errors on the application loader after downloading it from Enhance. I’m not too sure how the QA process works either to receive the $50 promotion.

  3. Tryng to register on Enhance and getting error:
    Error: file_put_contents(/mnt/root/srv/accounts.fgl.com/var/tmp-acc-id): failed to open stream: Permission denied
    So, it is impossible for me to register 🙁

  4. Yes I met same problem. No budget for ad campaign and no installs, just a few from friends and testers. It seems it’s really hard to get noticed in today’s market, if you don’t have some well played games already and promote your new games through that. Facebook and Twitter posts are simply nothing, if you don’t have something aside.

    1. There is no limit to how many apps a developer can submit for the $50 promotion currently. This may change in the future, so I recommend getting the apps Enhanced and up for approval for the promotion ASAP

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