Mobile Platform Success Stories

FGL Mobile Platform Success Stories – an update on the Mobile Platform

Back in July we shared a success story from our Mobile Platform. Since then, we’ve had a few more games break the top 10 on various Play categories such as Top Free and Top New Free.  We intended to update everyone on these individual successes, but things have been growing so rapidly that we decided to do a larger write up instead.

The growth of FGL’s Mobile Platform

When we started FGL Mobile in late 2011 our goal was to help game developers and publishers in the mobile space, or looking to get into the mobile space, to distribute and monetize their games.  Our first plan of attack was to get games onto smaller markets and OEM channels so that we could build up market share and spread traffic through cross promoting games.

We had great success doing this. We built a system to help convert existing popular flash games to mobile, and we then sold them as premium titles across Nook, Amazon and a few other stores.  As you can see from the snapshot below, taken this month from the Nook store, our success in this area continues to this day.   3 out of the top 6 paid games are from the FGL Mobile Platform.



However, we’ve always known that, if done right, most of a developer’s revenue would come from the larger markets: Google Play and the Apple App Store.

So for the last year we have focused heavily on Google Play.  Our particular focus is on free games supported by ads since many of the indie developers we work with are used to that model, and premium game sales are almost non-existent these days.

Our foray into Google Play has been extremely successful.  As you can see in the graph below, the games going through the FGL Mobile Platform have enjoyed healthy growth in their revenues thanks to our Google Play efforts.  The different colors represent the different ways we monetize the games: various ad networks, in-apps, premium sales, etc..


One of the strengths of our system is that we now manage a portfolio of well over 1,000 games, and we are able to use cross promotions between them to push quality new titles up the charts to point where they can be discovered.

Game Promotion

We wanted to share some details of how we promote games on the Platform.  Unfortunately, not every game has a shot at ranking up the charts, but we give a fair chance to all the games in our system. New games are given enough cross promotion to give us a good sample of data. We carefully look at the usage metrics and natural organic discovery trends to identify titles, new and old, that can succeed.  When we find a title that has potential we put the bulk of our cross promotions towards it as well as targeted paid UA campaigns to push the game up the rankings.

Below are a few examples of this strategy.  You can see how the games shot up the ranking charts from the efforts of the FGL Mobile Platform:


One recent hit is a F2P game that published by Tamalaki, Blackstone Mysteries.  It hit #2 in the top new Free charts on September 2nd.


And here are some more games we’ve helped top the charts.




Currently we are looking for quality games that haven’t been able to achieve a significant audience.  If your game has an LTV per user > $.20 or averages over 6 sessions per install then please contact us.

For smaller games you will still need to go through a publisher but we are working on a self service platform which will open up the platform to all games in the near future.

We strongly suggest developers work with a publisher as we’ve found they can be invaluable to a game’s success.  We’d like to specifically point out Tamalaki (run by everyone’s favorite Martine Spaans) and Happy Planet Games.  Both have built out a huge portfolio with powerful cross promotion capabilities.

And, of course, you can use to find a publisher.  Many publishers are willing to pay up front to get publishing rights to mobile games. And if you are a publisher interested in joining our Platform, please let us know! Our system is set up to publish games under a publisher name so you get the benefits of our system without sacrificing your branding.

You can find more information about the Mobile Platform here:

There are a lot of exciting things in the works.  Keep an eye out here for more news coming soon!


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