Remember: Do Not Send Unsolicited Advertisements via Private Message!

We’ve been cracking down on developers who send annoying ad messages to sponsors. This breaks our rules and gets you suspended or deleted. The rules aren’t new, and have always been shown on the private-message page, but some developers have expressed surprise about them, so I wanted to reiterate them:

Are you writing a PM asking a sponsor to look at your game(s) or place a bid? Don’t do that. That’s spam! (Think about it: if you get a message from someone you don’t know asking you to buy something, that’s the definition of an unsolicited message, also known as spam.) Don’t be a spammer. Even one spam message is enough to get you kicked out of FGL.

You cannot pester a sponsor just because they looked at your game once or twice. That’s still spamming.

The only time you can contact a sponsor about your game is:

  • If they have bid on this game, or have asked you questions about the game.
  • If you have licensed a different game to that sponsor in the past (and you have a good working relationship).
  • If the sponsor has shown significant interest in your game: they have played it on three separate days for a total of 30 minutes or more.

Once again, if you break these rules we will suspend or delete your account. Thanks for your understanding!

2 thoughts on “Remember: Do Not Send Unsolicited Advertisements via Private Message!

  1. Ok, there’s a sponsor who wrote this message in his profile page “Please feel free to contact us for more information or about mobile publishing business” and I don’t have any other way to contact him besides a PM. Would that be considered spam too?

  2. It’s fine to contact a sponsor who publicly requests you contact them. (Those PMs will probably get flagged as spam by our system, but we have a manual validation step that will hopefully catch it and realize it’s legitimate.)

    If this turns out to be problematic, we might add a way for sponsors to flag their account as “allow anybody to contact me for any reason” and bypass our spam checker.

    For more details of how the system works, check this forum thread where I’ve answered some other questions.

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