Flash Player 11 & Stage3D Support Live

Flash Player 11 is starting to become available in major browsers, so we’ve enabled it for use on FGL. If you uploaded a Flash 11 game earlier, you will need to re-upload it so that its version is detected correctly.

We’ve also added a checkbox that lets you indicate that your game needs “wmode” set to “direct”. This is needed by some browsers if your game uses the StageVideo or Stage3D APIs. Please make sure to check the checkbox if you need it.

Remember: Your Code Should Detect wmode Problems!

On a more philosophical note, we’re a little worried about the new “wmode” requirement. Some Flash portals don’t have a way to set this yet, and many smaller Flash portal owners are not tech-savvy enough to easily modify their site on their own. This is likely a problem that will work itself out in time, as portal owners realize they need to add this. But right now, most portal owners don’t even know about this requirement at all!

For the first generation of Stage3D games, we highly recommend that you detect when wmode is set incorrectly and display a helpful message explaining what needs to be done. Thibault Imbert on ByteArray.org has a good explanation of how to do this. He also shows how to detect when the game is running with the software renderer, meaning that performance is likely to be extremely poor: in those cases you may want to warn players so they don’t think the game is bugged!

(Edit: thanks to Chribbe in the comments for the link!)

5 thoughts on “Flash Player 11 & Stage3D Support Live

  1. Awesome news! The starling framework seems to detect if the swf is in wmode or not, I’m not sure how reliably it does, but it’s worked in my tests with it.

  2. It’s only one chance to detect ‘wmode:direct’. If it is not, flash player throws an exception with description ‘Context3D is unavailable’ or smth like this. Developers must surround their Context3d.request with try…catch block to detect wmode.

    By subj: thnxthnxthnxthnxthnxthnx!

  3. Hi AndyBrown,

    The Starling framework integrates the mechanism I posted on my blog. It should be reliable and handle all scenarios. Only device loss handling needs to be added to Starling.


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