Pre-Reviews, Now With Video

We’ve been quietly testing a new version of our pre-review service, and it’s now in open beta: video pre-reviews!

If your game is still in development, and you’re willing to work with us to make big changes to the game (if necessary), we would be happy to pre-review it. We’ll play your game and send you a video of the experience, so you can see exactly how we played the game, where we got stuck, what we liked and didn’t like.

To request a pre-review, click on “Edit Game” for your game and look for the Prereviews box.

Note that we anticipate a turnaround time of approximately a week. Also, in order to keep the queue from getting too long, we no longer give two pre-reviews: for now, the limit is one per game.

This is an experimental service we’re offering to the community. It’s still new and it needs your feedback. Please let us know what you like and don’t like about this service!


Other Changes

We’ve been bad about remembering to blog when new features are added! Here are some recent updates (including some just added tonight):

  • Co-Author Permissions: Developers can now decide whether their co-author has permission to edit the game or not. By default, co-authors can edit anything about the game, just as before. If you un-check this box, co-authors won’t have access to the Edit Game screen for your game. However, they will still be able to see bids, use First Impressions, and view feedback.
  • “Bidding Notes” Changed: We are repurposing the “Bidding Notes” field so we can show it elsewhere (for instance, when your game is in the Game Shop). We moved it to the General Description tab and renamed it “Notes to Buyers”. We also converted it from HTML to plain-text. If you used fancy formatting in your bidding notes, please go check it now to see if it looks acceptable.
  • Preview Players Have Levels: Preview players now earn “levels” when they give good feedback (much like developers earn levels when they sell games). If you’re a developer who receives great feedback from a preview player (or anybody else!), please take a moment to mark the feedback as “Great Feedback”. This gives a little pat on the back to the person doing this favor for you.
  • Game Agents Powered Up! Thanks to new back-end tools and new team members, our game agents are now working closer than ever with sponsors. Sponsors, we know your time is precious, so we’d be happy to help you find the best games for your specific needs. If we haven’t reached out to you yet, please feel free to drop us a note directly!
  • EasyLicense Payment Info: If you go to the “My Account” page, you’ll see a new option: Payment Info. We use this information to pay developers when they sell a game through EasyLicense. When you have an EasyLicense deal pending, we’ll ask you to fill this information in. (You can also fill it in early, of course! If you fill it in  now, it will save a step in the process so you get your money to you a day or two faster.)
  • Forum Signatures Capped: Forum signatures are capped to 250 pixels in height. If your forum signature is longer than that, scroll-bars will appear. But even 250 px is extremely large, and should be used sparingly. Please keep your forum signature under 200 px if at all possible!


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