And the results are in!

The votes have been tallied and the results of the 2010 FGL Developer’s Awards are here!

Best Artwork: It’s a tie! Both Armed with Wings 3 and Homerun in Berzerk Land win Best Artwork.

Best Story/Ambiance: By a large margin, the winner is The Company of Myself!

Most Original Design: This was a close one! The winner is Steambirds!

Best Music/Sound: Another big victory for The Company of Myself!

Most Addictive: Crushing the competition, the winner here is Cursed Treasure: Don’t Touch My Gems!

Technical Achievement: This was a tough race; a lot of innovative games came out last year. But the winner is… Big Pixel Zombies!

Best Game: This was an extremely tight category… we almost had another tie on our hands. But the winner is… Steambirds!

Congratulations to the winners! Thanks to the community for the event, and thanks to JJWallace for the art. We’ll attach the award badges to your accounts soon (after the next site update). For the categories of “best artwork”/”best sound”, we’ll award the badge to both the “owning” developer and the developer credited for art/music.

2010 was a very impressive year for Flash games. Let’s see what 2011 can do!

16 thoughts on “And the results are in!

  1. Thanks for the votes and great job to everyone nominated! I had a pretty difficult time picking my votes, there were some really great games this year. Also, thanks to JJ for contributing time into the graphics :)

  2. MARDEK 3 didn’t place at all? That’s disappointing.

    Cursed Treasure isn’t bad, and The Company of Myself is certainly good, but in my opinion, they just don’t measure up to MARDEK.

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